Edexcel Science - Physics Revision

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Exam Techniques and Tips

Don’t forget the command words you have got used to seeing in all of the science labs. The examination board provide their own list of command words that you can expect to see in the exam papers. You can download your own copy of this document below.

Click here to download the command word list.

Some other tips to help you succeed in your exam.

Scan the paper

Go through the paper quickly reading or scanning it to get an idea of what is asked.

Do what comes easiest first

Leave the more difficult questions until the end. You will lose valuable time if you get stuck on a difficult question and do not move on. Get some easy marks in first and then return to the more challenging questions secure in the knowledge that you have already got a solid mark.

Use every available minute

If you finish the paper before the time is up do not sit back and relax! It is unlikely that you have not made any mistakes and there may still be some marks to pick up. Spend every last minute looking for errors. Remember to allocate yourself  approximately 1 minute a mark.

Write clearly

If the examiner cannot read your answer they will not mark it. If handwriting is not your strong point then take the time to write neatly and make sure you write your answer in the correct place.

Read the question carefully

Read the question slowly to find out exactly what is being asked of you. Highlight or mark the different parts of the question and note the different pieces of information needed needed to come up with a final answer. Don’t forget to check for your command words which will help you understand exactly how to answer the question.

Make sure you are accurate!

What is the question asking for? If it asks for units or a diagram, then make sure your answer includes them. Check your answer is sensible, sometimes it is useful to estimate a rough answer first.